Protecting and Loving Your Kids Are Essential Parent Functions

Providing love, safety and encouragement for their child or children are crucial parent’s functions. The process of growing up means many different challenges for children. Do your best to listen to them with an open mind and try to understand their difficulties and problems. Communicate honestly with them when they have troubles and let downs in their life.

There’s no such thing as loving your child too much. Most of us worry about spoiling our kids, but love can never spoil children. You can’t spoil your kids with love. Love is of vital importance to a child's healthy development and it is impossible to love your child too much. All children need caring adults to spend quality time with them, protect them, play with them, teach them, enjoy life with them and share all sorts of experiences with them.


Set Appropriate Rules

Set proper limits to your child and then stick to them. Don’t change them all the time. Establishing limits with your kids gives them a sense of safety and security.

Often parents don’t want to set limits because they don't want to fight with their kids. They’ll say they don't want to make their kids feel bad. Perhaps they beg a child to comply or they make a rule but never enforce it. They nag without ever enforcing the rules. None of these helps your children in any way, on the contrary.

When your child fails to abide by the boundaries you've set for them, be firm yet kind in your response. This sends them the message that you are serious about the rules but that you love them and will do everything to help them.


Every Child Is Different

Bear in mind though that each child is different and what works for one child may not work for another. For example, some kids may respond perfectly well when you tell them a specific time to be home, while other may need a gentle reminder that it's now time to come home.

Never Work with Fear

Develop a determined but gentle manner of making and enforcing your household's rules and expectations. Parents should never try to instill a sense of fear in children in order to get them to comply.


Your Child Benefits A Lot from a Regular Routine

Babies and children need regular schedules that give structure to their days; it orders their young child's world. You may think predictable days all the time can be boring or even tiresome, for grown-ups perhaps, but children flourish with routine and repetition.

Especially babies need regular meal plans and sleep and even the routines that lead up to those actions. So, set schedules should begin from the first day of your baby's life.


Babies and Young Kids Love Regularity

Regular routines make children feel safe and secure. On the contrary, an irregular routine can be very disruptive and make kids unhappy and insecure. As kids grow older knowing who is going to be there and what is going to happen, they feel confident and can help them feel independent.

Dinner time is the perfect pace and time to start setting schedules. When the whole family sits together at the dinner table your kids will be able to share their activities and their day with mom and dad and express how they feel too. It is also an ideal time to include some kind of responsibility in your child’s routine such as setting the table or clearing it.

Even if you are exhausted and your kids are tired you should never skip the ritual of relaxing together in the evening. Chilling out together helps calming down after a busy day and your child will go to bed much more smoothly.


Family Quality Time Is a Must

It is in the evening when parents and child or children can spend quality time together. Don’t use this time to do the dishes or the laundry. Wait until the little ones are in bed. If you must discuss it with your spouse so that you can make sure that at least mom or dad is spending quality time with the kids every day or at least on a regular basis.

Each child is different and you’ll have to find out what’s the best way for your own child to relax. Most kids relax with a warm bath, but there are some that feel invigorated. So in this case you should find another time of the day for a warm bath.

Whatever plan you chose, make it relaxing, cozy and quiet for the whole family.


Flexibility Is sometimes Necessary

We have insisted on the fact that regular routines are fundamental, but things happen in life and you should know how to be flexible when necessary too.

Maybe you’ll get unexpected company and you won’t be able to cook dinner, or maybe you go on a family outing and are out late at night. When such unforeseen things happen it’s critical that you keep calm and don’t express your frustration. If you give in to anger because your plans are disrupted your child will feel frustrated as well.

Take unforeseen circumstances lightly and prepare your children for unusual events. Male sure they are aware that in spite of everything the regular routine will come back the next day.